Pros and cons of having a concrete pool

To give a brief idea of the advantages and disadvantages of having a concrete pool is that concrete has many benefits regarding its appearance whereas maintaining the appearance takes a lot of money, time and personal energy!

They are customizable

This is a major advantage. Being highly customizable attracts more people to look in to it. These pools give you the opportunity to customize the size, features or shape you want specifically. Even if you want your pool to have a shape of a car it can be arranged. Even though it will be bit expensive it is potentially possible. But let’s not go there.  Doesn’t matter of the area as well as we are serving most areas of perth.

They are durable

Concrete pools have a long lasting life span. Just like fibre glass. There is nothing for you to worry about anything such as objects damaging the structure of the pool or anything of similar sort. For example, if you want your pets to swim in the pool you don’t have to be overlooking the pool to see if their sharp nails are scratching or damaging the surface of the pool! Their nails won’t damage the concrete!

They are pretty

Don’t think concrete doesn’t look pretty! Alright, maybe pretty isn’t the correct adjective but… still. The concrete will definitely give a classic appearance for sure.

They have a heavy start-up cost

The start-up cost for a concrete pool is very heavy. The curing process takes about one month, so the expenses will keep popping up for one whole month. A lot more will pop up during the construction process as well.  

They have a high maintenance

The follow up expenses and maintenance cost is very expensive for concrete pools when comparing with fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools.  Did you know that concrete pools need a lot of hands-on maintenance? The nature of concrete easily takes in algae. If algae are embedded to the surface of a pool made of concrete, it is really tough to remove. For your information, builders of concrete pools recommend owners to brush the surface of the pool using a brush, not just a brush but a steel one, to remove any type of algae that is embedded on the entire surface of the pool.

Don’t forget that the interior of the concrete pool is very durable, but it’s also a lot rough and can even scrape your skin, especially for your kids. You cannot do much about the texture of the pool as well!

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