Buying your new home off the housing market

Sometimes it seems like you have to resign from your job or take a lengthy time off to look for a house when you want to buy or move to a new place. Even in this digital day and age, unless you drive around to see “for sale” signs in the yard, it looks like you can’t find the right place. Meanwhile you also have to ward off “advises” from well-meaning friends and relatives on not to buy a house but to build one, or not to go to “that” area but to search in “this” area.

Building Vs Buying – arguments for building

Building a house its own advantageous in some ways. Whereas buying a house for sale which is in the public market will make you want a renovation and add to your existing home, a new house can come with what you want in the first place. Problem with renovations is you might not be able to do what you want to; there could be less space, the foundation being not strong enough, beams cannot support what you have in mind or even issues with the local law and order administrators regarding doingextra construction. Hence most people, even though it costs a bit more, prefers to design and build their own house as they please. You also have the benefit of designing it according to the land, how it is situated, use any plus points provided by the set up and more.

Why is buying one off the market Ok?

Buying a house off the public housing market is the easiest to do. If it is too time consuming for you to drive around looking for places, you can easily hire a real estate agent to do it for you. Give them some ground rules, for example, “I want a two-story, 3 bedroom, 2 washroom house, with some space for afront garden and a car porch in a semi-urban area”. You can also name the areas you prefer. Do not forget to give them a price as well; plus or minus this much from this much. A ballpark amount, as they say. Hence time is saved big time if you go for buying a house as opposed to building one. Some cons of buying a house is the renovation part and not finding the ideal houseyou have in mind.

How to work around buying a house

Have you thought about how to make it a cost effective exercise to buy a house rather than building one? First of all, you can use the internet. There are so many real estate websites in which you can “sort” the type of house youwant with so many criteria such as area it is situated, number of bedrooms,washrooms etc., number of stories, square footage and so much more. Ince you shortlist some of them, you can read more in to it and then have a finalised list. Call them and make appointments to visit during the weekend so that you don’t have to ask for leave. That way you can find a house which suits your requirement with a low cost and less spent for renovations also.

There are many modern methods which you can use to find the perfect house! Use them and be happy in your own home sweet home.

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