Kitchen Designs That Enhance Your Home

Did you know that the designs you choose for your pantry can actually beautify your home and give direction to the tone of the entire house? With the pantry becoming the biggest focal point in the modern day house and lifestyle, the need for versatile designs and beautiful aesthetics has become more important than ever. Therefore if you want to plan out an exquisite pantry you now only have to do some research to get inspiration for the design that will suit you the best. There are products that will suit every style and finding what you need is not that challenging. Here are some of the popular pantry ideas that you could choose from to enhance your home.

The Mediterranean or French Country Style Pantry

Do you love the idea of being ‘kissed by the sun’? If so the Mediterranean or the French Country style pantry is the best way to go for you. The colours that you often see used in this style are ones that have sun caressed tones. The surfaces that you will see are elegant and have a classic worn out by time feel to them. The atmosphere that is set by this style of kitchen is a romantic one. The tones that you need to look for here are rich russet, ochre, cobalt feels. Opt for ceramic accessories throughout the pantry and of course some good old warm wooden cabinets that will add more character. Use a mix of rough texturing and copper pots that will complete this look with a cherry on top.

The Coastal Pantry

It doesn’t matter whether you actually live along the beach or you simply sport a love for the sea, sun andsand that you want to bring into your home, the coastal pantry is a great big sunny idea that will make you smile each time you walk into it. You should look at recreating the beach setting with components like wicker and sea-grass furnishing. If you actually live along the beach or the pantry is very open, make sure that all the raw materials used here are actually able to stand up to the elements. Look online for service providers who manufacture stone kitchen benchtops in Brisbane. Take steps to ensure that the sunlight comes in through to the pantry as much as possible. The sun is of course the most important component in putting everybody in that fun-filled party mood that is typical of this kind of look.

The Old World Pantry

Do you want something that comes straight out of history lessons and of course sports a royal vintage vibe? The old world pantry is then, your best choice. You should include mahogany touches to this pantry along with a good portion of craftsmanship that is high quality. This means that you will need to think along the lines of bull nose edging and carvings on surfaces. Heavy fabric will also add to this royal vibe along with historical looking accessories. Opt for brass and copper in place of shiny chrome settings.

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