4 Things to Do When Decorating Your Home

If you have been handed over the task of decorating your new home, then this is a great opportunity for you to transform every bit of the space in your home into ones that have character and personality that you and your family will adore. Whether it is a new home you are moving in to or an old space that you are re-decorating, it is imperative to give it your best with careful planning. The best way to get started is to first change up the big aspects of a room and then move on to incorporating the finer and smaller details. Find below some tips you can make use of.

Paint the Walls

The quickest and easiest ways to freshen up space is to paint the walls. This instantly gives character and colour to the room. It is important to choose a colour that best fits the purpose and personality of the room so for example, a golden yellow or bright green will show off a bubbly and fun vibe to the room whereas a grey or light blue shade will give a calm and serene kind of effect to the room. However, since paint is not permanent, you can always have fun experimenting on different shades until you find the look you love! You may want to consider complementing the colours of certain permanent fixtures already in the room or you can buy new ceiling fans online if it is a brand new home.

New Furniture

Right furniture makes all the difference when it comes to decorating your home and is arguably the most crucial factor. If you have been using the same furniture for several years now, it will be necessary to bring in some new pieces into your home. Make sure you choose colour pallettes that are classic yet match your personality. These will pop up the room especially with pieces that stand out, such as a bright, floral armchair in a very neutral-toned living room. Don’t forget to mix and match when it comes to furniture as these looks are always trendy and add an interest to a bland room.

Use of Decorative Storage

One problem that any homeowner will have is the lack of storage space regardless of whether you are a hoarder or extremely organized. Be creative in tackling this issue by looking for ottomans with storage space, coffee tables with additional shelving and so on. In addition, you can also cover items like shoeboxes or old crates in paint or fabric to create sophisticated storage space at minimal costs.

Refurbish Old Items

This goes without saying but if you already have classic furniture pieces, don’t be afraid to upholster them or give them a complete makeover. If it’s a kitchen, consider spray painting the pantry cabinets a different colour or staining them, this saves you a lot of money and brings a new look instantly at half the cost. You can also consider moving furniture around the house to different rooms to make them look different when the setup is changed.

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