Tips To Decorate the Interior of Your House

If you have decided to decorate the interior of your house, there are few plans you might have to come up with. Decorating the whole house can be a tricky task as you might have to change your decor style depending on the purpose and the size of each room. Here are some ideas to furnish each of the rooms in your house.

Living Room

The living room is one of the places in your house that you will be spending a lot of time and is also the first impression anyone entering the house will get. The best way to decorate living rooms is to make them look spacious to avoid any claustrophobic feeling. This can be done by avoiding too much of furniture. You can also add a mirror or two and paint the area in a light colour so it will look larger and relaxing. Also don’t always go for the traditional methods.  For example, instead of using large furniture sets choose small but comfortable ones that match each other but are not of the same design.


Whether the room is for adults or kids, use a subtle shade in your bedrooms. However, unlike the living rooms, you can choose bolder colours than just white or other neutral colour. Never make the ceiling of any bedroom bare. Gazing at a patterned ceiling while lying down on the bed can virtually reduce the space from floor to ceiling and add cosiness to the room. Your bedroom is sometimes your get-away after a busy day so having a separate corner for activities such as reading or to look out the window and enjoy the rain can help to calm your mood. Add decor to the walls with a photograph or a picture. The same decor can be used in a kid’s room, except add more variety of colours.


Although you won’t be as stressed as you will be in an office room the kitchen is also a place where you will work for long hours sometimes. Like your work table, keep the countertops clutter free. Proper storage places are essential in any kitchen. Vertical storage is the best option as this helps to save space. Especially shelves make it easy to reach items while you are preparing meals. What you cannot store in shelves, store in cabinets. Even your kitchen can be given a homelier look by adding a personalized touch to it such as a potted plant on the window sill. Getting someone to plan an outdoor kitchen Melbourne can definitely get your kitchen on the trendier side. These types of kitchens can help you have a fun cooking experience and will certainly reduce the utility bills.

Office Rooms

The best way to decorate any working environment is to make it look pleasant so that it will help you to get into a good mood. Make the office room less cluttered as possible to avoid any distractions or stress that can bother you due to untidiness. Good ventilation and lighting is something to consider in an office room too as this affects the work productivity. Keep your files and folders well organized, and your desk always neat so you can access any important document without having to search them everywhere. Try to locate your work table in front of a window. Whenever you are stressed or bored take a look at the scene outside and you will feel more comfortable than gazing at a wall and feeling restricted.

Every room can be made to look pleasant and cosy with the right kind and amount of decoration. Keep these tips in mind so you won’t use the same decoration in every room but will have a variety to make it less monotonous.

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