How to prepare your pet for a move?

Moving is something that cannot be helped. When a place doesn’t suit your needs, when you cannot afford to stay there anymore or if you are simply looking for a change, moving is unavoidable. However, to make a move successful it is essential that you plan it the right way. This includes matters with regards to your pets as well. So just like you your pet too ought to be prepared for this. Here are some tips to help out.

Settle the paper work

Wherever you go there is paperwork and while some times it is a nuisance other times it is an essential element that needs to be dealt with appropriately. When it comes to moving animals, including transporting horses the paper work needs to be handled the right way, in order to get the passes your pet requires to be transported. So whether you are moving through land, sea or even air to another state or country, it is essential that the first thing you do is fill these out as necessary. Most airlines and states require a health certificate to admit the animal in to the country or state while other places may require different procedures to be followed. So look up on the internet and do your research on what you need to submit when moving with a pet to a different state or country.

Meet up with the vet

Talk to your vet about your move and check up on any shots or vaccines that your pet requires to be taken before the move. Also make sure that you get a thorough check up on the health of your pet so that you can get an approved health certificate to be produced in front of the authorities whenever required. If there are any meds to be taken do ask for a prescription for this beforehand, especially when it comes to the possibility of motion sickness.

Maintain the routine

Even though you might be moving to a whole new place, make sure that you strictly stick to your pets daily routine. Diverting from it could create a whole mess in the entire process. Of course if you are moving to a different state with time differences, there is a possibility that it might take while for your pet to adapt. But don’t force him or her to work things to your convenience. In time they would be able to automatically adapt as required.

Don’t make a big deal on the day that you are moving as it could influence your pet’s behavior and that is not something you want to deal with! So take these tips and in to account and enjoy your move with your pet!

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