Tips on finding the perfect serviced apartment under a budget

A new trendy accommodation are service apartments, where you can have your independence, your space and feel wonderful. Not only are these apartments attracted by the short term travelers but also tourists who are not a fan of confined spaces like hotels.

But of course, no matter how affordable it may be. There are certain things you may want to consider when choosing to stay. So we have set some tips that will help you compare and get the best satisfaction there is.

  • When looking for a serviced apartment, no matter which country you are in, first off you need to see if it fulfils all your needs. While hotels comes in different sizes of the same design and with more money if becomes luxurious, these apartments can be chosen according to your preference, from the space to the modern look, whether it is closer to public transportation, you get to select according to all of that. Not just the interior design, but of course in general serviced apartments comes with all of that.


  • Always make sure to hit the customer reviews, when you go on to their site and see what other guests had to say about their stays. These reviews can really help you in finding serviced apartments Singapore monthly or yearly. It also shows the consistence and commitment of the services provided.


  • Since you are also under a budget, and if you are looking for a place with a homey feeling you can find a serviced apartment for a normal rate, these are better than booking hotels or any other private ones when it comes to the cost.


  • Check the location and see if it is positioned somewhere in reach of the places you want to go. For example, if you are on a business trip, then I suggest you go for a service apartment near by your business place, either way, make sure that it is located somewhere convenient.


  • Also, you need to have a safety check done. See if the apartment has professional guards, and see if it has cameras and has taken other safety measures. It is important that you are safe at such place.


  • Check and see how long the accommodating business has been in the market, if the experience is more than 6/7 years, then I can ensure you that, the service providers will be to your standards as they have being doing this for a long time and the experience gained has helped them keep their guests happy.

Really, hope these tips help you find the best service apartment for you. Hope you have a sage journey!

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